• Speccy games from year online
  1. The HobbitMelbourne House text
  2. Football ManagerKevin Toms, Addictive Games manager, sport
  3. PenetratorPhilip Mitchell, Beam Software shooter
  4. Space RaidersPsion invaders, 16k
  5. GalaxiansWilliam Wray, Artic galaxian, 16k
  6. InvadersWilliam Wray, Artic invaders, 16k
  7. 3D-TanxDon Priestley, DK’Tronics 16k
  8. ArcadiaDavid H. Lawson, Imagine shooter, 16k
  9. Horace Goes SkiingWilliam Tang, Sinclair 16k, Horace
  10. EscapeMalcolm Evans, New Generation 16k
  11. Spectral InvadersDavid H. Lawson, Bug-Byte invaders, 16k
  12. Hungry HoraceWilliam Tang, Sinclair pacman, 16k, Horace
  13. Alien SwarmTitan shooter, 16k
  14. CentipedeDavid Heelas, DK’Tronics centipede, 16k
  15. PlanetoidsPsion asteroids, 16k
  16. Thro’ the WallPsion, Sinclair breakout, 16k
  17. Time-GateJohn Hollis, Quicksilva
  18. Black CrystalCarnell Software
  19. Bubble TroubleBruce Rutherford, Arcade pacman
  20. The Chess PlayerMartin Wren-Hilton, Quicksilva board
  21. Countries of the WorldJohn Fitzgerald, Hewson
  22. Draughts MasterChris Whittington, CP Software board
  23. FrenzyDavid Shea, Quicksilva 16k
  24. GobblemanSimon Wadsworth, Artic pacman, 16k
  25. Ground AttackIain Hayward, Silversoft shooter, 16k
  26. GulpmanJohn A. Campbell, Campbell Systems pacman, 16k
  27. HangmanPenny Vickers, Sinclair 16k
  28. Invasion ForceSimon Wadsworth, Artic shooter, 16k
  29. MuncherWilliam Murray, Silversoft pacman, 16k
  30. OrbiterAndrew Glaister, Silversoft defender, 16k
  31. ReversiSinclair board, 16k
  32. Space IntrudersJohn Hollis, Quicksilva invaders, 16k
  33. SpectresDavid H. Lawson, Bug-Byte pacman, 16k
  34. Spectrum Voice ChessChris A. Thornton, Artic board
  35. The ValleyDominic Ferard, ASP Software
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